Binance python connector: problem with all vanilla options functions

Hello guys,

I am using this connector to connect to binance: GitHub - binance/binance-connector-python: a simple connector to Binance Public API

I have no problem with it and regularly fetch some price/volume data on future and spot.

The problem I have is for european vanilla options, I want to get some historical price data but I can’t do this… everytime I try I get a weird error.

For example with the options_info() method of the client I get this: BinanceRequestException: BinanceRequestException: Invalid Response: <!doctype html>

And some super long weird message with the html code of binance website inside of it…

Would you have any idea about why I get this?

Thanks a lot

Unfortunately this python connector is not available for vanilla options.

Thank you for your answer, any idea how I can get the option data then?

Is it possible by sending a request without the connector?