Binance Pay Unable to create Order

The integration was working perfectly fine for almost a week.

It started returning this error each time my users were trying to pay (creating orders):

{‘code’: 0, ‘msg’: “Service unavailable from a restricted location according to ‘b. Eligibility’ in Please contact customer service if you believe you received this message in error.”}

The code is hosted on heroku

This error occurs when the service is inaccessible from your region.
Check the eligibility criteria in the Binance Term of Use document for more information.

The code of the integration is running on an heroku server, they may change their server locations, so the IP address is not the IP address of the user but that of the server.

Per example the user may be in Chile :chile: and the IP address of the server is in Us…

Here is a list of the prohibited countries.
If your user wants to trade in the US, please use the services instead.

No my users do not want to trade in the US, because they are not in the US, The payment is integrated in a Telegram bot, so the request are called from server maybe from restricted locations, BINANCE mistakenly report my IP address

According to Heroku’s website, you can deploy applications in different geographic regions. Choose one that’s eligible with Binance.
If you encounter any issues, I invite you to contact them on this issue.