Binance pay api

My website is for traders and investors. So we need to transfer the success fee from an investor account to a trader account right now we are using Binance Smart Chain (BSC ) to withdraw from the investor account which charges some transaction fee.

So can we use Binance pay API to avoid this transaction fee as all of our investors or traders has a Binance account?

My question is, do we need to create a Binance pay merchant account for each investor to withdraw and transfer the success fee from the investor Binance account?


Binance Pay for businesses wanting to accept crypto payments from customers. It sounds like you are trying to move funds between your website user’s Binance accounts, eg. User A Binance Wallet → User B Binance Wallet am I correct? So you would like to create Binance Pay Merchant accounts for a large number of your users for the sole purpose of transferring funds between themselves? In that case it’s not feasible first of all,. nor would it be possible to create Binance Merchant Accounts on other people’s behalf.

However you could use Binance Pay and send Batch Payouts to your customers.