Binance Order Filters

Hello developers,
I need help to understand what each filter means and what filters are associated with the different types of orders.

At the moment I have the following:



So in conclusion:

PRICE_FILTER tells you how many decimals price must have in your (limit/Stop-loss/OCO) orders?

PERCENT_PRICE tells you the range your BUY_LIMIT/SELL_LIMIT order should be configured depending on what the current_price is?

LOT_SIZE(stepsize) tells you how many decimals should at least your BUY/SELL LIMIT orders be configured with.

For example if stepSize = ‘0.00001000’ does it mean that if i want to sell some ammount of coins this ammount should be in the following format: 214.19421?

MIN_NOTIONAL tells you the minimum ammount you must sell to create the order?
For example if minNotional = ‘0.00010000’ does it mean that the ammount of coins*curr_price I have to sell must be at least 0.0001?
This should be applied only to LIMIT ORDERS too, is this right or it applies to market orders too?

I’m a bit confused, I’m new here so I tried to understand everything but I need the confirmation I understand it well.

Thank you!

Hey there, happy to say that all mentioned filters have their respective description in our API documentation:, feel free to consult it. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! Everything solved!