Binance object has no attribute fapiPrivate_post_leverage error.

Hi. I used CCXT library’s “fapiPrivate_post_leverage” to set leverage of my order:

     binanceX.fapiPrivate_post_leverage({'symbol': binance_symbol, 'leverage': 3})
except Exception as e:
     print("error:", e)

When I ran that code I got this error:

error: 'binance' object has no attribute 'fapiPrivate_post_leverage'

If any of you guys know about this error’s solution, please tell me.

this seems an error from the library, please feel free to open issue for it on github.

I opened it on Github with this link: FapiPrivate_Post_Leverage Error · Issue #1 · DarknessOverlord0408/CodingProject · GitHub.

I don’t see your comment on my Github issue…can you comment on my Github issue?

Sorry I mean the ccxt library repo if you have question of using method from it.