Binance International API: Do not respond with Error Code 451 for public get endpoints

The API should not be making IP checks for public get endpoints such as tickers.

Of course it makes sense that they would have to prevent placing orders (and monitoring of trading accounts) from restricted jurisdictions.

However, blocking endpoints such as tickers was an obvious oversight by the engineering team that the legal team surely did not ask for.

Think about aggregators such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, or equivalents which require this data but may be located in trading-restricted jurisdictions.

Solution: If the endpoint is a read-only endpoint that doesn’t need an API key, then don’t use IP-check middleware.

Possible solution is use websocket, in my case is working.

EndPoint in my case : wss://"

Thanks that’s a good idea, but this gives more evidence that the public data was not meant to be IP-gated, so prefer if Binance simply fixes the issue

Please check the document, we also have a that can be used for getting market data.

Thanks dino, that base URL works for public market data!

The and wss:// endpoints are very useful for collecting Binance Spot market data from US locations. Thank you very much for creating them!

Maybe, I didn’t read the docs careful enough, but I couldn’t find similiar endpoints for Binance USDⓈ-M and COIN-M Futures. Do such exist, too?

Yes. Check binance-public-data repo. for details.

@quint The binance-public-data repo has daily downloads, but no live feeds. I am looking for the later.