Hellow and a Good day!
I was terribly tired of looking for an answer to an almost obvious question:
After having installed ‘binance _ connector’ I have already tried a billion options, but I always get the same error - binance.error.ClientError: (400, -18000, ‘Invalid gift card code Entered, Please enter the correct code and try again.’…

what we have:
there is a conditional giftcard code - ‘KWQE4BFY’
and here is the program code:
from import Spot
secret = xxx

client = Spot(api_key=apikey, api_secret=secret)

searched all examples referred to by “documentation” (Binance API Documentation) including git _hub (https ://, but the realization of why the error appears and in this particular formulation didnot came.

The answer is obviously somewhere very close, but I’ve been searching for a week, and I just can’t find it …

The code should be working correctly, the error its probably at the giftcard code itself as suggested in the error message (“Invalid gift card code Entered, Please enter the correct code and try again.”).

Based on FAQ What Is New User Exclusive Gift Card | Binance Support, it should be a 16 characters long. I would suggest you to test via Website to see if you’re successful.

t.y. much!
now i see, that gift card and gift box is not the same things :man_facepalming:

so, there is this right, that there is no any api ways to create|redeem gift_boxes, not cards?

Sorry, not that I know of.