Binance Futures WS - getting PNL updates

I’m able to connect to the ws stream, but ACCOUNT_UPDATE is pretty much silent.
On BitMEX position updates are frequenty pushed downstream, how to keep track for PNL for example once you have a snapshot coming from REST /fapi/v2/account?

check “rp” from this stream -

ORDER_TRADE_UPDATE is totally silent when position is already open


Do you mean, while having the websocket open, you’ve never received ORDER_TRADE_UPDATE even when the order got filled and the respective position opened?
We haven’t had other reports on this, please make sure you’re doing everything right by following what’s written in the doc. If further help is needed, please provide concrete details and examples.

I mean, once the position is opened I’m not finding a stream that pushes updates to such position - so I
must show the PNL via a calculation instead of getting it through push updates, is that correct? -> “ACCOUNT_UPDATE will be pushed only when update happens on user’s account, including changes on balances, positions, or margin type.”.

Therefore, if there’s no such changes, it’s normal to not receive updates about the position, even if its PNL is changing. PNL ticker needs to be manually calculated or you can to check unrealized profit from time to time.

Hi , how do you solved the problem of monitoring PNL ?
Calculating ? Using wich data ?