Binance futures websocket connection closed/reset

I’m maintaining a couple of bots that trades on users accounts (about 30) on future market. Each bot is listening on rates and account updates separately based on webservice future API ( endpoint. All are run on the same machine (have the same IP)

Unfortunately, for almost a month I’m getting “Connection is already closed” and sometimes “[Errno 104] Connection reset by peer” errors for all bots couple times a day (sometimes 3 times in a row after reconnection)

What can be a reason for that?
Did anything change regarding the connection?
If I reach any limit, can I check it somewhere?

I think I have implemented ping/pong communication properly for websockets and I refresh stream listenKey every 10 minutes. Should I do anything more for keeping the connection working?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion!

There are very variables that can contribute to websocket connections. Could you please try to reduce the amount of subscribed streams, or it may worth to change to a different machine and see if that can help.