Binance Futures. There are some strange trades from @trade stream

Hello! I catch some strange trades when subscribe to @trade stream

There is one trade with price = 59,828, which is very different from all other trades (52,254 before and 52,258 after).
When I was trying to fetch that trade from fapi/v1/historicalTrades endpoint, I figured out that trade is not exists at all!

This issue occurs a few time a day on each trading pair. As I think, I just need to skip that trade from my logic, but I can’t found any condition to do that. Very hope for your help!

My suggestion is next: if field “X” not equal “MARKET” then trade should be skipped. Am I right?

P.S. What are the options for the “X” field?

this trade is from Insurance fund, which is not available from historical trades.

Here is the details of it,

Thank you