Binance futures testnet data differs from read binance futures data

Hi there,
I am new to binance api and now I am using binance futures testnet. I’ve noticed that the data that testnet shows differs from the real futures data.
Testnet data:

Due to restrictions I can post only one media item, so I can’t add photo with real futures data, sorry…

Additionally testnet data looks kind off even and steady, does anyone know the reason?

The testnet and the live network for futures data operate separately. This is the reason why the data may differ between the two environments.

I have the same issue. Testnet is absolutely useless and I don’t understand why Binane can’t use live futures data for the test net like others do. This combined with the many other issues Binance’s API has makes me think Binance doesn’t take its customers seriously. Very disappointing,

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