Binance Futures - Stop Limit order MAKER

Im trying, via Binance Futures API to create a STOP LIMIT order MAKER, not TAKER.
To be clear, limit order is on the screen but when it reaches the stop level, it go to the market and its a TAKER order, but if its a STOP LIMIT order, why im paying like a TAKER order not a MAKER order?
Is there a way to place STOP LIMIT orders and being billed as a LIMIT order (MAKER) not Taker?

For futures order, please set the timeInForce=GTX for MAKER order.

Ok dino i will give a try using GTX instead of GTC

There are something around Binance API docs that explain why use GTX in timeInForce? I searched but didnt find any.

nvm i find a topic about Post Only orders that explain it.