Binance Futures OCO order (or SL/TP)

Okay I can send an order with client.futures_create_order.
But how do I create an order for stop loss/take profit?
on Spot trading I can use client.order_oco_sell and it works perfectly fine. But what about a futures stop loss/take profit? Hope someone has an answer.

I tried using ORDER_TYPE_STOP_LOSS but it just gives me an Invalid orderType error.

Unfortunately, so far futures trade does not provide OCO oder. However, both stop loss and take profit orders are available.
Please check the following order endpoint POST /fapi/v1/order and see if the python library you used have the correct parameter settled.

Could you share your query string for the limit order?

Also, I’m not sure which library/ package you use but if you use python-binance developed by sammchardy, please take a look at the enum definition. ( ) You should use FUTURE_ORDER_TYPE_STOP or FUTURE_ORDER_TYPE_STOP_MARKET instead of ORDER_TYPE_STOP_LOSS when placing an order in the futures market.

Okay but now I have the problem that my limit order doesnt reduce my opened order and ORDER_TYPE_STOP_LOSS just gives me an Invalid orderType error as I already said.
Thanks so far