Binance Futures API webhook: Problem with message JSON since TradingView

Hello. I have a problem on binance futures with their webhook. Very recently with the same script (in pine script v5) I issued an alert() that has a JSON message as a parameter based on what the Binance doc API says. Until recently, Binance would receive the message and open the position. Now the message continues to be generated in TradingView (in the same way) but Binance does not open the position, it does not even arrive as a failed signal. I need explanations about this. Has anything changed on Binance? I leave the alert():

{“symbol”:“BTCUSDT.P”,“side”:“sell”,“type”:“market”,“qty”:“0.001”,“leverage”:“0.1”,“reduceOnly”:“true” ,“signalId”:“XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”,“uid”:“XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”}

I’m not familiar with the TradingView, however please check if there is order was requested to exchange.