Binance Futures API Copy Trading for 200+ accounts within 2 seconds

Hi there, I am wondering that as a regular API user (user group that only enjoys the regular API rate limit from Binance Futures), is it possible for me to mirror the same trade (let’s say I open a position myself) to 200 different Binance accounts (for example, my 200 followers who would like to copy my trade)? Well it is possible, but what the delay, how would the delay be? let’s say my position is created (market order is filled) at 04/06/2021 09:01:02, now , can all these 200 positions on 200 different accounts be created by 04/06/2021 09:01:04 ?

I mean, this is futures trading with high leverage, and time and low latency matters a lot, 1 second delay could make a lot difference for the entry price, so , are regular API users able to send 200 MARKET order requests to Binance Futures API server and got all these orders filled within 2 seconds ? If it will need a lot more delay, I am wondering how come I see other copy trading service on the net available? how come they are able to create a copy trading service with huge delay? The service is NOT going to last since there are a lot of delay, and I am talking about up to 1000 users base, I mean it is possible that there are 1000 order requests hitting binance futures API server, I mean, if there is really huge delay, their service can not LAST, but they have been around for a while, so I guess there is a way to cut down the delay to something like 2 seconds to executed all those orders at once, it’s not about sending a few hundred orders from copy trading site servers at once, it’s about getting those orders filled within 2 seconds on Binance’s server side.

It takes market maker to be able to get the fastest API access from Binance futures or it takes a Binance broker partner to be able to get the fastest API access? Please someone, give me some light on the copy trading possibility for me as a regular user (I am not market maker or broker partner), if it is still possible for me, what is the requirement for this to be possible, the possible that I mean here is that 200 MARKET orders have to be filled on binance’s side within 2 seconds, if it’s more than 3 seconds, the copy trading service does not make a sense for me at all, it might still make sense for spot trading, but it is not for futures trading with high leverage (50X).

for your interest, there are binance broker partners that run copy trading service, and they seek for traders, I mean, traders, not just one, so there could be 10 or 50 traders , which have followers in total of 1000 that are opening positions at once, which have huge demand for FAST execution of order.

So, being binance broker partner is the key to run copy trading service?

Thank you guys!

Without knowing much details about the client side system architecture and the programs, I would say it may be doable under certain conditions.

  1. The API request frequency per IP should be under control. Please refer to the document for the restriction.
  2. You have to handle multithread/ multiprocess program well so that you don’t spend too much time copying the order details and then sending out the requests.
  3. The servers at Binance side are working fine. For example, if there are too many orders flood in and make the server over-occupied, the response time per API is expected to be longer. Then it is possible to exceed your target time.

Can you please tell me, I can’t understand, is there this service on binance so that my orders would be copied?

ipv4 proxies :smirk: + some thing like celery will help you start

hey friend i have the same project can you help me for something ?
Regardless of the delay problem…