Binance Futures API activation Price

i’m curious about activation price on trailing stop type order, i only can see activation price features on trailing stop, but mark price on stop limis / stop market order.
is there possible to have activation price on stop limit / stop market order for close position using binance API? So i can have activation price to take stop limit / stop market order with mark price.

There is a workingType parameter which you can change to MARK_PRICE

I’m sorry, i still don’t get it,
Can i have activation price in stop market order on close position?
example, ETHUSDT,
when the price increase in to $4000, then the stop market order will be place with mark price $3900??

maybe like in this image, trailing stop order have activation price right, can i change the stop market order with activation price like this too? or there is another way to do it?

The stop price acts as the activation price. You can read the article to better understand how both order works.

Hello Chai, sorry about my silly question,

By the way, i know how both order works, i knew the stop price is the same like activation price, but that’s what i want to know, if having both of activation price and stop price at the same order is possible?

the problem with stop market order as stop loss position is, the mark price will make the order execute it right away, what i need is activation price to be trigger for the stop market order to be place, so the stop market order can be used for stop loss. It’s like trailing stop but with fix stop loss order.
I think it’s impossible to do right?

I’m sorry for my lack of english, maybe i can’t fully understand you.

What i mean is, are this code will works? this is just example

price =last,
stopPrice =price1

The code will not work, activation price is only available for trailing stop order.

i see
thanks for answering