Binance data Using Binance US API Question

Is it possible to get regular Binance data while using the BinanceUS API? As in it gives the price data, volume, etc. from Binance and not BinanceUS but through the BinanceUS API? I guess I should also add that I am just looking for price data and dont need the ability to execute trades etc, so it could be from a public endpoint like the /klines one.

You seem to only want market data, which mostly allows public access and doesn’t require a an account: Binance API Documentation

For other non public endpoints on, you can’t access with a Binance US account.

When I try to access something like “” I get error 451, despite it being a public API endpoint that does not require an API key.

US regions can access the API either.

You can consult the “b. Eligibility” section on