Binance CoinM BTCUSD_220624 Order Book Negative Spread


I made a REST call to the Order Book function (GET /dapi/v1/depth) earlier this morning and received a response for the next Quarter BTCUSD symbol as follows:

{"lastUpdateId":433697519772,"E":1651707860930,"T":1651707860914,"symbol":"BTCUSD_220624","pair":"BTCUSD","bids":[["39812.3","510"],["39811.5","214"],["39811.4","250"],["39809.9","8"],["39809.8","1"],["39808.5","166"],["39807.2","42"],["39806.7","3"],....... ....."asks":[["39801.9","159"],["39811.9","14"],["39812.4","293"],["39813.2","79"],....

The top 2 ask prices were crossed with the bids, resulting in a negative spread, which I didn’t think was possible. Please can you explain why this would happen? Should we expect this to happen and code for the scenario in Spot, UsdM and CoinM trading?

Many thanks,


Is this on the testnet or live market?

Hi, apologies I should have mentioned - this was live.

There was some issue of CM orderbook showing stale prices around 7:24 - 7:45 UTC+8, May 5, which was already fixed and should be good now.

Many thanks for the response. Confirming that the book is looking good now.