Binance Card transactions API access

Hello I’m trying to add Binance Card to my personal finance management software, I can easily connect to my traditional bank account to query transactions by API, yet it’s currently impossible to do the same for Binance Card transactions, can you please add this to the Binance API ?

Thanks a lot & have a nice day.

Agreed, it would be an awesome feature to have!

Unfortunately as mentioned, it’s not possible at the moment but tagged this post as feature_request and will share feedback internally. Thanks

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Thank you for your answer, hope this can be possible soon :slight_smile:

Any news about this ?
Can it be faster/easier to develop an API access to download the data as CSV as we can currently do on the binance website (card transactions).
Not having the possibility of syncing transactions history is really destroying any personal finance software integration for Binance Card transactions :frowning:

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The feature is still pending but not forgotten.


Is there a place to support /upvote the request ?

Left next to the thread title (top of the page)

Any news about this feature ? please

Any updates to this?

This is already the most upvoted & viewed feature request…
Can you please move this feature request from “pending” to “active development” internally :slight_smile: Thanks :saluting_face:


Please needs that