Binance Application Several errors since v:1.33

Low bug, since this new way to see coins in tabs was introduced, the ALERTS feature is not working very well, try this:

  1. Create a tab for BTCUSDT
  2. Create a tab for ADAUSDT
  3. Create an alert for ADAUSDT, a possible value that can be hit in a few seconds, save and lose focus from the app.
  4. When the alert happens, click on the pop up link to open directly that specific cripto.

Expected; my new tab from point 2 should be focused.
Actual; A new tab is created, in CLASSIC mode, with the expected coin.

Suggestion; Since this new tab was created, I can’t see what coin is inside this tab, instead it shows PRO / CLASSIC / ETC, which is totally not useful, we as users usually don’t swap type of views, we swap coins, like it was before. Instead of the Type of view, could it say the Coin.

Medium bug:

My scenario looks like this:

  • I have a tab for BTC USDT

  • Second tab is ADA USDT

  • First tab, just had 4 BUY actions, as you see there with the green arrow (so Trading View mode is on and Order history is on)

  • Second tab, just had a SELL for ADA.

-In the ADA tab, I can see the 4 BUY actions from BTC. (incorrect) and 1 BUY from ADA (correct)
-In the BTC tab, I can see the 1 BUY action from ADA (incorrect) and 4 BUY from BTC (correct).
-after restarting application, looks like it accommodated the values, but if I keep repeating these actions, it keeps happening with the new instances.

Thanks God after 2 days, binance released version 1.33.1 which fixes my suggestion of “Coin name in the tabs”.

I’m not sure if the other errors keeps happening yet. Need to confirm.

Thank you for your feedback, we will share with team. Please keep your app update-to-date, it maybe fixed in the next release.