Binance App QR Code Problem

Hi everyone,
I am stuck about a problem. We created a crypto pos crm and it is working very well. What we doing is creating a single QR code & btc amound and showing the customer to send btc to claim their products in shops. Everything works fine except Binance app. Binance is not reading our qr code. It gives an error. It is only reading if there is a wallet id in QR code. If i put btc amount into qr code problem starts and customers complaining about that. I have send lots of tickets to Binance support but no answer at all.
The qr code format that binance not reading is ;

All other crpyto apps reading this very well. So anyone can suggest me any way to read that wallet & amount for Binance ? Thanks for your time.

Sorry, i’m afraid this is not supported yet.

You could open up your Binance Pay Wallet, you can create a QR code with currency and amount as well, your customer can scan and send you cryptos.

Log in to the Binance App, click on the 【Profile】icon on the top left hand corner and select【Pay】to activate your pay account. Then you can start with the Pay product