Binance API withdrawal/deposit from website

Will it be possible to use the API, to deposit (USD) from my website to my binance wallet, and then withdraw it directly on my website to my bank account again?

How about the trusted IP setup, my website is made in Pakistan, will I have to whitelist the IP from my developers, or will I have to Whitelist my own IP.

yes u can.
with your api keys you can do every thing under your permission and binance’s rules.
firstly, you should add the ip of your website to the whitelist of the api in your binance account,and set your rules to defend the bad guys.
if this is your first time to use api,you should try it on the testnet,and then move to the mainnet of binance step by step.
if you have any question any more,i’d like to give you some suggestions.good luck,my Pakistan friend. :slightly_smiling_face:

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