Binance API status error: 503

Im getting a 503:
2023-01-19 03:45:36.783 ERROR: Found error. status: 503, error message:

ERROR: The request could not be satisfied

Ok im handling with it catching try/except but this code has running for months, and now its facing a 503 error, 3-4x times a day.
We are all getting this randomly or what im doing wrong?
Ps.: This error are from GET /fapi/v1/klines running in a AWS located in Tokyo.

Im thinking if i edit timeout for a longer period, perhaps will solve?

it could be a connection issue, how long do you set in timeout? It’s reasonable to retry when seeing this error.

i didnt set any timeout, its None.
Im retrying but then i received it again more 3,4 times and have to stop to dont excess limits.
So in the next minute i try again and everything is fine for hours and from nowhere, puf, error 503 again.

Now i got from /fapi/v1/ticker/price