Binance API - cancel order not working

Hi, that my first time with binance api and have little problem, get my account balance working, set new order working, get my orders list working, but cancel order not working.
I’m using script from this site:

To cancel my order i write script:
$cancel = signedRequest(‘DELETE’, ‘api/v3/order’, [
‘symbol’ => $market,
‘orderId’ => $orderId,
‘origClientOrderId’ => $clientOrderId
$market is currency symbol - its ok
$orderId its ok
$clientOrderId its ok
When send request i get response:

[code]array(18) {
string(12) “XXXXXXXX”
string(36) “XXXXXXXX”
string(10) “XXXXXXXX”
string(15) “XXXXXXXX”
string(10) “0.00000000”
string(10) “0.00000000”
string(3) “NEW”
string(3) “GTC”
string(5) “LIMIT”
string(3) “BUY”
string(10) “0.00000000”
string(10) “0.00000000”
string(10) “0.00000000”

Status is still NEW, but should be CANCELED nad order still is on binance.
Where is my error? What can i do with this problem? I try with "DELETE api/v3/openOrders " but get same info, status still NEW

PHP: 7.2

You need to explicitly tell the request to use “DELETE”. Otherwise it uses “GET” by default

Do you solve the problem???
I m with the same

Também estou com o mesmo problema alguém já solucionou