Binance API - Account has insufficient balance for Requested Action

The error message “Account has insufficient balance for Requested Action” from the Binance API indicates that you’re trying to perform an action (such as placing an order) but your account doesn’t have enough funds to cover it.

Double-check the following:

  1. Available Balance: Ensure that you have enough funds in your account to cover the action you’re trying to perform.
  2. Asset Type: Make sure you’re trying to use the correct asset type (e.g., BTC, ETH) for the action. If you’re trying to buy a cryptocurrency, you need to have enough of the currency you’re trading from (e.g., USDT) to make the purchase.
  3. Order Size: Verify that the size of the order you’re trying to place doesn’t exceed your available balance.
  4. API Permissions: Check if your API key has the necessary permissions to perform the action you’re attempting.

If everything seems correct and you’re still encountering the issue, you might want to reach out to Binance support for further assistance, as there could be other factors at play.