Best way to place a BUY STOP LOSS

Hi All,
which is the best way to place a a BUY order LIMIT without problems:

  • Insufficient Balance Exception
  • Order would trigger immediately Exception

I’m looking for an order that trigger if limit >= closePrice as soon as possible.
Let’s describe the following scenario, imagine that

EURUSDT=1,20 is the current price

Actually if you place an order with TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT with

  • stopPrice=1,19 every thing works fine
  • stopPrice=1,21 the system return error: Order would trigger immediately Exception

I would like to understand if there is a solution to trigger the order immediately when the stopPrice became greater than the current price due the currency fluctuation.

I would avoid to write something like this:
if( limit >= close price)

is there a way?

The solution is to use a simple order LIMIT.