Balance a coin in the Spot account

I want to balance a coin in the Spot account, for example: BTC
To find out if I am accumulating or losing this coin on my trades.

My idea:

Add all deposits in this coin, subtract from withdrawals, then compare with the current balance: Deposits - Withdrawals - Current balance = Real net BTC

I’m using these endpoints:

But the Deposit and Withdrawal endpoints do not support more than 3 months of request history. So I will have to request several times until I get all the history.

I wanted a simpler solution:

1 This claculation is ready: Deposits - Withdrawals - Current balance = Real net BTC
2 A complete list of Deposits and Withdrawals available in a single application, just as it works in the Binance application.

sorry I can’t understand what’s the difference between current balance and Real net BTC. Are they the same thing?

Deposit balance = Sum of all deposits in your wallet
Current balance = Current value in your wallet

Account balance = Deposit balance - Current balance

I deposited a total of 1 BTC
I made some trades
Today I have 1.5BTC
Account balance = 0.5BTC (+ 50%)

This endpoint is better!

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It’s easy for me to understand, for spot, Account balance is current value in your wallet.

and Deposit balance - Account balance = trading profit

Thank you.

But this endpoint does not have this information.
It also doesn’t have the updated information for the current day.

I will have to make several requests since the founding of Binance in 2017 to ensure that I get all deposit and withdrawal data from the account / wallet.

There would have to be a simpler method, as shown on the Binance App Deposits and Withdrawals screen, without a date filter, it always brings everything and with infinite scrolling through a “limit” parameter for the amount of records.

That, but we still have to discount the withdrawals to be.