Asyncio module using binance API

hi, i would like to know how to deal with the aiohttp module while setting my program. main issue is that aiohttp tells me to close the session in the traceback.

This question should be directed to a programming forum not here.

thanks, can i have more specification about the proper way to use the API.
i got access denied with the binance.client module. but ok with the futures one.
exemple this code worked with the binance.client module but don’t work with the futures one. this is for the usdt free balance account
acc_balance = client.futures_account_balance()

for check_balance in acc_balance:
    if check_balance["asset"] == "USDT":
        Usdt_balance = check_balance["balance"]
        print(f'USDT Free balance: {Usdt_balance}')

except BinanceAPIException as e:
print(f"EXCEPTION: {e}")

Make sure you are using the correct API credentials