ArgumentsRequired: binance amount of BNB/USDT must be greater than minimum amount precision of 3

            const direction = 'buy'
            const TRADE_SIZE = 0.002
            const amount = TRADE_SIZE / marketPrice
            const quantity = amount.toFixed(2)

            await binance.createMarketOrder('BNB/USDT', direction, quantity)

this is the code and i meet this issue
Can i do anything to fix that?

If I am not misunderstanding the logic, you are putting in the amount 0 or 0.00 .

According to the current price 309.58

amount = 0.002/309.5 = 0.00000646

when using toFixed, it remains in quantity 0, it seems to me that the error comes from there

ah, yes. That’s my fault when i confuse about the input of trade side. Thanks for your response.

I’m glad to read that, please mark my answer as a solution so the post is closed.