Are update ids monotonic wrt a given symbol?

[1] Can I assume that update ids (‘u’ for @bookTicker and !bookTicker payloads) for a given symbol are monotonically increasing? In other words, will I always received payloads for update id = 4999 for btcusdt before I receive payloads with update ids > 4999 on the same stream and connection?

[2] Can I assume that update ids for a given symbol are monotonic wrt time. In other words, if something happens wrt btcusdt (order added, canceled, or filled) that results in update id = 4999, can I assume that anything that happens later wrt btcusdt will have update id > 4999?

Hi Andy, could you please leave one concern under one thread, I can see you open serval different topics for this discussion.

My apologies.

My initial question was answered, but the answer revealed that I didn’t understand some other things. Yes, those other things are related, but they’re different.

The above two questions are related, which is why I asked them together, but they are different. (The first is about the relationship between ids and message order in a given circumstance while the second is about the relationship between ids and time. The answer to my initial question was that id order doesn’t correspond to message order in a different circumstance.)

The subject is more about one of them than the other, which is a mistake on my part.