Apparent errors/bugs in "Generate All Statements" CSV download

Hi there

The “Generate All Statements” CSV download for my most recent financial year (ending 31 Mar 2023) appears to have a number of errors.

I had no issues with the same export for my previous financial year (ending 31 Mar 2022) and was able to get the exported transactions to balance with my Binance Account Statement but this most recent download did not balance with my statement.

Looking into possible explanations, I discovered a number of issues with the downloaded data (CSV file) including:

  • for some transfers it has omitted one side of the transfer i.e. either the transfer-in or the transfer-out record is missing from the file
  • for some transfers it has recorded the wrong account on one side of the transfer e.g. CrossMargin instead of SPOT
  • in at least one case, it omitted the entire transfer i.e. neither side of the transfer appeared in the downloaded file

The only significant difference between my trading for this most recent year and the previous year is that this year included margin trading - mainly isolated

Is this an issue that the team can look into urgently?

NOTE: This is important for me because I need to pay a $12,000 tax bill that I wouldn’t have to if the downloaded CSV data was correct (i.e. reconciled with my Binance Account Statement).

TIA for looking into this

Please consult with customer support and provide the missing records for the investigation.


Progress Update: Since posting this, the developers have been working on fixing the errors/issues. Some issues have been fixed - others still remain. I am still working with them to try and get all issues resolved.
NB: One disappointing result is that it appears some transfer records prior to around mid-Oct 2022 will have a different format than the same type of transfer records after that period. This is apparently due to a deprecated table that I can only assume must have been deprecated sometime around mid-Oct 2022.