API Withdrawal failed


I recently tried to withdraw 2 ETH from an account to another exchange.

However, even if the request worked as it returned a response with a withdrawal id. I received an email with the following content:

Withdrawal Failed
Your account may be at risk. In order to protect your assets, withdrawals have been temporarily suspended for your account(s). Please click the button below to submit a withdrawal appeal to remove the withdrawal ban on your account(s). 

I precise that the API keys I’m using have the withdrawal permission and the IP I’m launching the script from is whitelisted.

So I have two questions regarding this situation.

1 - Why this withdrawal is considered at risk since it’s beeing done form a whitelisted IP ?

2 - Is there a way to check the withdrawal status using API ? Since nothing else than the withdrawal id is beeing returned in the response.

Thanks for your support.

  1. The email is not handled by the API, the API is only in charge of sending the withdrawal request to the server. You should contact customer support regarding this issue.
  2. There isn’t any way to check for this. You will receive an email that your asset is successfully withdrawn.