API wait a market order by ccxt api in nodejs

Hello everyone, hope someone could help me.
In nodejs, I buy by ccxt on binance.
On 90% of the currencies I have no problem, the purchases are below the second.
Unfortunately, from time to time, I ask for the purchase and binance takes more than 10s to validate the purchase.
My wallet is quite full.
For example today, I wanted to buy XVS / USDT 2.169 and binance waited 13 seconds to tell me that the purchase was validated.
I can see the purchase that has been made, the order that is launched but binance is waiting …

I’m lost, does anyone have an idea? it would be great.
thank you

As suggestion, it’s preferred to test without “ccxt” to isolate the origin of the issue first and if indeed the issue persists, please share here the used full request url (omitting sensitive parts). This because we know Binance endpoints but we’re not always knowledgeable about used 3rd party libraries, which sometimes is where the issue comes from.

In addition, we haven’t received reports about responses being highly delayed from creating new orders (POST /api/v3/order).

thanks for your reponse, i test without ccxt.
i come back