API vs. Websockets

While testing my scalper bot which is configured to use API for all data, I am hitting the Rate Limits.

Based on my understanding, Websockets would be better to acquire data. However, since this is a scalper, I am working on very tight stop loss (Market Order) and Take Profit Threshold, which could be drastically affected if there is high slippage.

I would appreciate any feedback/guidance,

Thank you.

In theory, a websocket implementation would provide market updates with less latency when compared to an API implementation.

However it is important to note that placing orders may only be accomplished via the REST API, the websocket is only available for reading account and market updates.

Hi tantialex,

as of now WS-API do support placing orders just same, as REST API do. This is new on Binance since a couple of days. I just wonder what is the advantage of using WS-APIs? Is is that we can open till 300 connections simulteniously? Or what is the gag?

Thanks in advance

Hi @TheLeBot , I’ve replied you in another post :wink: