API: transfer funds from spot wallet to card wallet?


I am missing the possibility in the API to transfer funds from my spot wallet to my card wallet.

When can we expect this feature?


By ‘card wallet’, you mean your P2P account? No such API as I’m aware of

I mean the Card wallet which is connected to my Binance Visa Card :wink:

Any update on this? :slight_smile:

No such API unfortunately

Hey @Onnimanni can you specify how useful this would in depth? Trying to gather some user feedback here :slight_smile:

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Any update? This would be quite useful feature…

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@aisling I requested this feature because I do automated trades. I want to be able to automatically deposit my own chosen amount of funds to my Binance Card through the api.

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@aisling Yeah sure! The Binance card is absolutely amazing, but its still quite limited with its features. I am planning on putting the money for my monthly spendings to my binance card account. The main problem comes from crypto volatility. If I am making a purchase, and the crypto asset price suddendly drops, the decrease on my asset worth would be way too big. Not only would I “loose” the amount that the asset price decreased, but also I would have to spend more of my crypto on the purchase. Now the crypto price would have to increase even more for the balance to get back to the original levels.

I am planning to solve this by making a simple app: I could fill any future purchases to the app, and it could tell me when is a good time to buy. If I know I’ll have to make a purchase of 100$ within the next 24h, the app could move the required amount from other cryptos to a stablecoins when the prices look good. This way my money could benefit from the high volatility/price increases of cryptos, and I would not have to stress about making purchases at bad times in the market.

It’s great that I can have multiple different cryptos in my card wallet, but the way it uses them when paying is quite annoying. As far as I can tell, you can only specify the order in which it will use the assets. So if I have BTC and ETH on my card, it will first spend the other one fully, and then start spending the other one (depending on the specified spending order). I would like it to spend the assets equally in comprison to their worth. For instance: I have 75$ worth of bitcoin and 25$ worth of ethereum on my card. I make a purchase worth 10$. The card spends 7.5$ of my BTC and 2.5$ of my ETH. This feature could also be implemented, if the card APIs would be publicly available.


Thats a great idea, please support transfers to the card

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It would be a great feature indeed. It’s really nice to be able to handle all the wallets from the APIs.

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