API Token withdraw with memo.

Hello there.

I was checking Binance API and couldn’t find withdraw option with mentioning memo. Is it possible to add memo in your request?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

def withdraw(self, coin: str, amount: float, address: str, **kwargs):
    """Withdraw (USER_DATA)
    Submit a withdraw request.

    POST /sapi/v1/capital/withdraw/apply


        coin (str)
        amount (float)
        address (str)
    Keyword Args:
        withdrawOrderId (str, optional): Client id for withdraw
        network (str, optional)
        addressTag (str, optional): Secondary address identifier for coins like XRP,XMR etc.
        transactionFeeFlag (bool, optional): When making internal transfer, True for returning the fee to the destination account; False for returning the fee back to the departure account. Default False.
        name (str, optional): Description of the address. Space in name should be encoded into %20.
        walletType (int, optional): The wallet type for withdraw,0-spot wallet,1-funding wallet. Default is spot wallet
        recvWindow (int, optional): The value cannot be greater than 60000

Please try this parameter for the memo value.