API to download symbols that were ever held by an account


This is a request for an API endpoint to download a list of all the symbols that was ever held by an account. We want to download historical trades and don’t have the list of symbols relevant for the account.

Also, the API endpoint to download trades seems to limit to a one-day period and one symbol at a time. Can we either:
a) download trades for a range of dates, e.g. 3 months trades for a symbol from 1 Jan to 31 Mar for a symbol? or
b) download daily (one day period ) historical trades for all symbols for an account at a time?

At the moment we do not have an API endpoint like this. We’re working to optimize our queries so that multi-symbol, large range, and/or paged queries are possible. In the mean time, you can download a CSV file of trades from the UI for all symbols with a larger time-frame.