API, Tether (USDT) Price chart


There is a USDT Price chart that shows price history in USD. Where does this data come from? I mean from Binance servers or from some external marketcap website? I need an API to get this data.

You know… The way you download Klines data from:

Instead of “something/USDT” the usual coin pairs, I need “something/USD” (the real fiat US Dollar price)
“Something” - means both stable coins and other crypto…
All that in Kline csv data.

I assume I won’t get an easy way of doing this. I will probably need to download all of the USDT pairs and then convert all the USDT prices to USD.
But I need an accurate USDT/USD history for that. That Binance data base is such a mess :frowning:

Thank you.

The data is originated by Binance however it is not available for public consumption. You may find similar data on marketcap sites such as CoinMarketCap.