API Returning unusually old data?

Hi guys,

I have been using the API for my trading for some time and never experienced the problems I’m seeing today. All data returned by the API (my trades, balances, etc) seem to be quite delayed (up to 30 minutes I’ve noticed). Does anyone know if there’s any recent probelms on the api? 30 minutes delay on trading data is not acceptable.


I am also facing this issue since last 3-4 days

same issue here. since last several hours, and not solved yet.

Hi. The team is working on this right now, SFAIC.

By when will it be resolved? Will we get any notification after it gets resolved?
I faced a huge loss because of this issue.

Why haven’t they sent a communication to all users so they could at least know and take protective measures? This is terrible service operations, specially for a service that is used to move money around and has caused losses to me and my clients. My lawyers will have to look into this and the liability in Binance side for those losses


Thanks. Based on what have you written this? There is nothing I could find around.

Its terrible to rely on binance now.
If it would be just +30minuts, it could be handled, but the data is jumping randomly back and forth in time like a miserable time-travelling movie.
Better turn it off till you resolve.

It is not only about the actual loss of money, but also lost gains (I lost the huge uptrend from ethereum yesterday because of this

And yes I notice the same 30 minutes delay on data as mentioned by some of you above

I’m pretty sure this is caused by some stuff that may have happened during the systems update happening on the 21st of April they notified early in the week

Please retweet this and add relevant hashtags to bring attention to the issue https://twitter.com/andresdrbtwi/status/1385711029846519809?s=21 last year they had a similar issue and their CEO suggested to be contacted about it on Twitter https://www.binance.com/en/blog/421499824684900421/Performance-Incident-Report

I am checking this also … but can’t say for sure. But after update has not faced this issue

It should be resolved now. Let us know if you still face the abnormally long delay, thanks.

Has this been resolved with the latest update?