API question - Not reading all the info

I built my own control panel for my investments in Binance and other places.
I enable the reading API in my account but it is not giving me the information from my investments on flexible and liquidity pool.

Any idea how to do this?


Share your whole API request and raw message. Don’t leak your personal information pls

I am using the API key which appears in API management section in which I am only allowing “enable reading”

Any idea?


No idea. Please make your question/problem specific and clear

I am building my own admin panel with all my investments. One of the is Binance.
In Binance I have some coins in my wallet, others at flexible earnings and others in liquidity pool.

When I go to API management, I create the API public key and private key (only reading) - However, this API is only giving me the info in my wallet but not the info from flexible and liquidity pools. What I need is all of them