API order response filled with zeros

I made a market order through API to sell 1 AXSUSDT, the order has successfully been placed.

However in the response, I have executedQty, price and avgPrice filled with 0.

If I check on the web interface, I can see that the order have been placed, and I can see at which price.

Here is the response I’m receiving.

{'orderId': 6274413541, 'symbol': 'AXSUSDT', 'status': 'NEW', 'clientOrderId': 'rG0CfQ6CvVSxuB0FVEHwbw', 'price': '0', 'avgPrice': '0.00000', 'origQty': '1', 'executedQty': '0', 'cumQty': '0', 'cumQuote': '0', 'timeInForce': 'GTC', 'type': 'MARKET', 'reduceOnly': False, 'closePosition': False, 'side': 'SELL', 'positionSide': 'BOTH', 'stopPrice': '0', 'workingType': 'CONTRACT_PRICE', 'priceProtect': False, 'origType': 'MARKET', 'updateTime': 1655147809631}

Do you know why those fields are filled with zeros ?

Thanks in advance.

By default, the new order endpoint will return an acknowledgement for the order request sent and will not wait for the order to match, even if the order matches with existing orders in the order book. Therefore, a MARKET order will always return as NEW.

To receive the result of potential matches by the order placed, set The newOrderResponseType to RESULT.