API Limit for trading bot company

Hi everyone,

I launched my company few weeks ago. I offer a SPOT trading bot service. As the service is growning quite quickly (about 300 users right now, each with his own Binance account and API key), I start hitting some API limits problems.

I’ve taken notes of the API limits (https://binance-docs.github.io/apidocs/spot/en/#limits) and as suggested, I’m using Websockets for ticker, candles and user wallet update.

Already trying to reduce API calls to the minimum, but I fear API limits will be reached really soon. I don’t even started activate ads, and I plan to quickly reach the 2k users.

I’m a bit stuck right now. It’s slowing down my company development.
As I don’t want to ‘hack’ and make API calls from different IP address.

What’s the good way to scale without burning Binance API limit?

Can you help me?

Thanks for the feedback, the request limit rule applies to all users for protecting API server. That request limit is based on IP address.