API Keys Break When Paired With Cornix

After a random amount of time so far after 4 days, 2 days, 4 hours and now 30mins. Each time I have to set up my bot from scratch, The API keys I put into my cornix trading bot stop working and are reported invalid.
Cornix are blaming binance though I’m not sure how it works on the backend and I’ve not seen this issue with cryptohopper or blockfolio though transactions are quite a bit delayed on the latter.
I have no access to any code but I can ask the developer for anything you need.
Please help as each time the bot opens trades then the API keys break and I’m left having to manually track and sell hundreds of dollars worth of crypto.

Hi Louis,

Thanks for your feedback, however server don’t expire or delete API key. Please provide more details for us to investigate.

Reason for this can be vary, really hard to link with only the reason of invalid API key.

Are you able to check the API keys on my account and whether they’re still active valid?
What details do you need I’ve given you everything I know.

After linking my cornix trading bot with API keys from binance, There seems to be no pattern between the time or trades it remains active for before I get an alert on my bot saying the API keys are no longer valid. Almost as if binance has flagged unusual activity and blocked them from working?

When it does break, it’s at the same time a trade is opened but like I said before no pattern to the number of trades beforehand.

I have an idea that can be helpful to find out if it’s the issue from API key or Cornix. When next time it says invalid from Cornix, validating the key by a different script, e.g. this postman collection.

If you are still able to get account info by postman, then the API key is correct.