API key is not working anymore

Hi team,

I was able to fetch historical trades data with those URLs with my API key in the past (a few months ago)

  • https://fapi.binance.com/fapi/v1/historicalTrades?symbol=BTCUSDT&limit=1000&fromId=1
  • https://www.binance.com/fapi/v1/historicalTrades?symbol=BTCUSDT&limit=1000&fromId=1

But I couldn’t do it now. It keeps return 401 Client Error

Is there any chance that my API key is expired or something?

Your customer

This endpoint requires sending a valid API key (it’s MARKET_DATA, consult here), if you didn’t send it in the header, you’ll get a {"code":-2014,"msg":"API-key format invalid."}.

So first thing to check is to double check if you’re sending the API key correctly?
Then see in the API Management page on Binance, if the key is still normally active.
If still with problem, look at the error message from Binance and debug from there on, you can take use of this forum to search on the same error message and check if the reasons behind other users could be the same as yours.

Hi aisling2,

The account, which owns our API key, belongs to someone that already left the company. So we couldn’t tell if the key is still active or not. Is there any way that you guys can help us to reset that account, or active the key again?


You can talk with customer support if you have any account related questions.

Thank @dino. It would be awesome if you could give me the email of the customer support team, I couldn’t find it anywhere

Support Center, there’s a chat available bottom right

Thank you very much!