API Issue Connecting Futures Restricted IP

Hi there,

I get this error: AuthenticationError: binance {“code”:-2015,“msg”:“Invalid API-key, IP, or permissions for action.”}

From trying to connect to my API from my local machine.

Used to work last year and now it stopped working.
Using CCXT library. For KuCoin works no problem - only Binance does not work. When using any IP it works but when using Restricted IP it does not.

Here is the code:
'import ccxt
import other libraries

Connects to Binance

exchange = ccxt.binance({
‘apiKey’: ‘XXXXXX’,
‘secret’: ‘XXXXXXX’,
‘options’: {
‘defaultType’: ‘future’,

I have tried a few options: deactivating Firewall completely, etc.

Can you give me some help?


have you tried using the Binance Python Futures library to see if you encounter the same issue?

Solved. Called broadband provider to change me from dynamic IP to static IP. Used the local IP provided by the broadband company.