Api for TOP movers or Large Sell/buy data

Hi there,

I’d like to reach out top movers data to get large buy&sell data. I checked API docs but I didn’t come across about like that. is it possible? or What is your advice?


Not sure what exact top list you’re looking for but I think sorting keys from this endpoint should do it - https://api.binance.com/api/v3/ticker/24hr

Hi there,
I think question was about screen below. Is there endpoint for such data ?

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Yeah, would be nice to have such endpoint? Anyone?

This is a WebSocket API that’s not documented. But it’s very easy to get the endpoint, just point your browsers to the page and look into the developer tab (F12). There will be a websocket url (wss://) where the data grows when the page gets updates. Use it with your favorite websocket library to get the stream.

But it seems that from today, the page no longer displays large trades.