API fiat Trading

Hello, I am the owner of ATM cryptocurrency and I need the Binance API to be fully functional with fiat money transactions.
-Is it possible to include the possibility of making FIAT money transactions (usd) in binance API?

  • If yes, when will it be available?
    -Does anyone have another solution?
    Thank you

isn’t it better to use the fiat exchanges from binance? So binance.je and/or binance.us ? This is much cheaper and you can do trades with API.

Or are you one of the P2P makers that are filling the expensive binance.com fiat offering?

Unfortunately there is no API for fiat trading.

Please add api for fiat history deposit/withdrawal records.


Buenas noches estoy buscando información de como obtener el historial del comercio p2p mediante API. Alguna idea donde buscar?