API Features for Copy Trading Metrics (Names, ROI, PnL, Followers, etc.)

Hello Binance Developer Community,

I am reaching out to seek information regarding the API capabilities for Binance’s copy trading feature, which can be found here: Binance Copy Trading.

I have thoroughly reviewed the available API documentation but have not been able to find specific details related to accessing data for copy trading. My primary interest is in understanding whether the Binance API provides access to the following metrics for copy traders:

  1. Names of the copy traders.
  2. Return on Investment (ROI) for each trader.
  3. Profit and Loss (PnL) statistics.
  4. Number of followers or subscribers for each trader.

These metrics are crucial for a project I am working on, where I aim to analyze and compare the performance of various traders on the platform.

Could you please confirm if the Binance API currently supports these features? If so, I would greatly appreciate guidance on which endpoints to use or any documentation that could assist me in accessing this data.

If these features are not currently supported, are there any plans to include them in future API updates? Any information or insights from the community or the Binance development team would be incredibly helpful.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Best regards,

Hi @Musicman1, at the moment Binance Copy Trading feature is not available via API. Unfortunately, we don’t have information if there’s plans to be included in the future, we only know what’s shared publicly. However if it becomes available, the news will possibly be shared via Binance API Documentation changelog.