api Error

{ code: -1013, msg: ‘Filter failure: PRICE_FILTER’ }


Filter error occurs when the order requested does not abide to its respective symbol’s filters.

BNBUSDT has the following PRICE_FILTER

                "filterType": "PRICE_FILTER",
                "minPrice": "0.01000000",
                "maxPrice": "10000.00000000",
                "tickSize": "0.01000000"

For this error specifically, the price provided (473.946) does not respect the price tickSize filter of 0.01.

The exchange information endpoints provides all relevant information regarding symbols, including their filters.

i pass the price as 473.946 that is in between ** “minPrice”: “0.01000000”, “maxPrice”: “10000.00000000”,** , then why i am getting this error

also, I pass the quantity greater than 0.0100.

Tick Size defines the smallest incremental amount between one acceptable value and the subsequent.

In this case, 473.946 has a higher precision than the filter allows. To confirm this is true, you can apply the following formula

price % tickSize = 0

473.946 % 0.01 = 0.006 ≠ 0

The closest acceptable values are 473.94 or 473.95.