Api error crypto2 sign

When i use the code from binance github repo, i catch this ERROR, and can’t resolve it through the google (Stackoverflow, etc)

Could you please provide more details regarding the tsconfig.json and package.json files?
Additionally, can you clarify if you encounter the same error when testing the function with a regular TypeScript file (*.ts) instead of a *.tsx file?

ty for regular ts file, i didn’t even think about
tried it in src/bin,ts - the error is /bin/sh: 1: ts-node: not found

You need to install ts-node to be able to use it: ts-node - npm

i did it, but nothing changed
also tried to use different imports (require and module) - error chenges on this with module

And when i use require for import - this error appears
node src/bin.ts
client.exchangeInformation().then((res: any) => {

SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘:’
When i try tu run with Play (in the top right corner) - ts node not found in Output

The first error you’re encountering is related to TypeScript/JavaScript configuration. To resolve it, you need to set up your ‘tsconfig.json’ and ‘package.json’ files appropriately to enable the ‘import’ syntax.

Regarding the second error, it’s important to note that JavaScript does not require explicit type declarations for data.

When I remove : - typescript underlined it with red color and claim to determine the type